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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bar Veloce - Is a Wine Bar, a Bar?

Is a Wine Bar, a Bar?

Bar Veloce

Is a wine bar, a bar?

   We were a bit underwhelmed by Bar Veloce. I have to admit it was the second time we've been there and I don't remember the first, (Patti does). It wasn't terrible by any means. But I have to ask, does this bar achieve what it wants to be? To read owner Frederick Twomey's interview in Aol Business, you might expect, "a communal table, that's warm, convivial, sleek, modern, inviting..."  All attributes which Bar Eaters strongly supports. Unfortunately, Veloce falls short on most of those accounts.

  The space itself looks slick but is actually a bit awkward. We were fortunate, to arrive as two were leaving an otherwise full house. The bartender, wine steward was competent but un-engaging.

   With Tre Biccheiri still fresh in our memories it was difficult to be impressed by any wine list. To their credit, all the wines are relatively affordable. Perhaps that's the key to Veloce's strategy.  We had the proseco, Ca Furlan, billed as dry and crisp we found it on the sweet side. The small plates were not bad, but not special. Even if their purpose is only to support the wine it would have been nice if they could have made more of a statement.

Is a wine bar, a bar?

It can be. It depends on the vibe more than anything else. 
Bar Veloce? Not so much. 

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