"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" - Virginia Woolf

Monday, February 14, 2011

La Huella - The Ideal

The Ideal

La Huella

   Last winter Patti and I escaped, briefly to José Ignacio, Uruguay. If fortune ever finds you there, you will see what a simply beautiful place it is.

A convient map of José Ignacio

"La Huella" means "The Trace"

   I know this is a little far afield for many, but I begin here to establish what we see as perfection. The Zen of perfection to be precise. Not a striven for perfection, but a natural, unforced perfection. While there are many excellent places to eat and drink in José Ignacio, we kept going back to La Huella.

   The crowd is from literally everywhere, with substantial Argentinean and Brazilian strains. What they say about these South Americans is true. They are warm, friendly and sensual, hedonistic in the best sense of the word. Their love of life, family and friends is palpable. Likewise, La Huella's staff achieves that often elusive balance of casual yet attentive service. The physical setting is essentially an elegant surf shack, airy and open letting in the surrounding beauty along with an ocean breeze. 

   La Huella cuisine is more about execution than invention. Everything we ate was simply perfect. Coco Weissmann in responsible for the sushi, some of the freshest we have ever tasted, likewise the cocktails, especially the Mojitos. Nothing about La Huella tries too hard and yet everything is just right.

Mmmm, take me back to José Ignacio...

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