"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" - Virginia Woolf

We met at a bar...

   Actually it was the bar at Nick and Toni's in East Hampton, a justifiably popular bistro, on a Saturday night in the height of the summer season. We were each there with a good friend and no reservations. No worries, you get a cocktail and get to know your fellow patrons while you await seats at the bar. As it happened, Patti and I ended up sitting next to each other. An engaging conversation ensued, broken only for time to enjoy a great meal, and the rest, is history. A history punctuated by some memorable experiences eating at the bars of some great restaurants.
   One of our early dates was at a cozy little spot in Montauk called, Dave's Grill. Dave's is always packed and that rainy night was no exception. We eventually worked our way to seats at the end of the bar, where we spent the rest of the evening drinking white wine, dining on Dave's superb seafood, and enjoying the good natured abuse of Tammy, a true east ender.
   On another serendipitous evening, Patti and I were in the Village pondering dinner when we passed Babbo. Of course you don't get into Mario Batali's flagship restaurant without a reservation. A reservation you need to start dialing for at 9:00am sharp, a month in advance. Patti said, "lets see if there's seats at the bar." I don't need to tell you that the meal was amazing, but I will tell you we had wine flights that night, which is something they don't usually do at Babbo.
   There were more, from old standards to eccentric little start ups. Along the way we have met fellow "bar eaters" and while it's not quite a movement, it's certainly a trend. One on which we have formed a point of view. In the coming year, we'll revisit some of our favorites along with a eclectic roster of new establishments. "Bar Eaters" will be more of an appreciation than a review blog. We encourage you to join in. You know where to find us.